About the Mental Health Crisis Alliance

The Mental Health Crisis Alliance is a voluntary coalition of mental health leaders and providers working to transform the crisis service system for adults in the eastern metropolitan area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota. The goal of the Alliance is to ensure that adults experiencing mental health crises receive timely, high quality integrated services in the least restrictive setting.

Transformation of the East Metro adult mental health crisis system will result in better outcomes for people and a more effective use of resources, including:
• People achieving their mental health and recovery goals
• Reduced hospitalization
• Reduced crisis recurrence
• Reduced use of emergency rooms
• Cost-effective use of existing resources
• Sustained services in a time of reduced resources


In 2002, East Metro counties, community hospitals, health plans, and the State of Minnesota began working together to address a shortage of inpatient psychiatric beds, long inpatient stays due to delays in discharge, and a lack of integrated, community-based crisis response services. The Mental Health Crisis Alliance (formerly known as EMACS) was formed to plan and develop an improved service delivery model.


Today, the Mental Health Crisis Alliance is comprised of 16 member organizations responsible for funding, facilitating and/or providing mental health services. The Alliance is guided by a Leadership Team made up of organizations who have signed a letter of commitment and agreed to mission, values and structure of the Alliance.

For more information contact Roger Meyer, Project Director at roger@meyerconsulting.org